Monday, January 10, 2011

Still going strong!!


I am EXTREMELY sore! To go from ZERO exercise to this is a little bit painful. I am not over doing it though it's all about baby steps! =] I'm feeling better as each day passes. We're on day 4 now and it's feeling good! I'm feeling very confident! I can't wait to start seeing some weight drop!

I am only allowing myself 20-25 fat grams at the most each day! You would be surprised how fast that adds up! But there is alot available to me in the grocery store as far as low fat/no fat goes. And it doesn't taste like cardboard either which is always nice! =]

Just wanted to keep you posted on how i'm doing. No cravings have started yet but i am waiting on them! Ha! Okay. By loves!


The Clark Clan said...

Keep it up friend! The soreness will go away, I promise. And if you ever want a walking partner at night text me and we can walk Snyder and chit~chat!

Danny and Morgan Godwin said...

The first few weeks of working out are definitely the hardest! Good job!

Lace said...

GO CIERA! Stay focused and keep it up.

Love and miss your face

Janet said...

keep at it, YOU ARE DOING A PHENOMENAL JOB!! YOUR efforts will not go unnoticed. We can DO THIS!!