Wednesday, April 20, 2011

wee bit wednesday

{one} how often do you do laundry?
When I'm all caught up, I do 1 load a day.
When I've let go for days & days, i can do anywhere from 11-15 loads in 1-2 days

{two} what is your favorite type of cookie?
I love me some oreos!

{three} what would you do with an extra $2000 per month?
Save for a while and then landscape my front yard, backyard AND instal a sweet pool!

{four} what was/is your favorite subject in school?
I really loved Choir and Drama.

{five} have you ever ridden in a hot air balloon?
No, probably I would get dizzy and faint being that high up.

{six} what was your high school mascot?
A colt.... Boring.

{seven} if you had the chance to go into space, would you?
NOPE! I would have probably the worst anxiety attack ever!

{eight} how often do you go dancing?
Not as often as I'd like. I do however love to shake what my momma gave me. ;)

{nine} would you rather drive or fly?
Hmmmmm... Drive I guess. Not me personally. As a passenger. Although when getting on an interstate or freeway I must remember to take my 5mg anti anxiety medication. I get very 'clenchy' & nervous.

{ten} have you ever been caught re-gifting?
I have never re-gifted. SO the answer is No. =]


The Clark Clan said...

Lovin' your new blog design! ♥

Anonymous said...

11~15 loads of laundry? Holy hell! I'm right there with ya on landscaping!

I like your new blog design!