Thursday, May 26, 2011


Life just has this way of becoming very busy very quickly!
I have never been the kind to make lists or use planners...
I just sort of fly by the seat of my pants and if I don't make it to something I just figure i wasn't supposed to. Because think about it, things you REALLY wanna do, you WILL NOT forget them. Right? Right!

Yesterday I spent all day putting my house back together because we had new gorgeous TRIPPLE PANE windows installed on Tuesday! They are love!
(Pictures to come soon.)

Today was the first whole day of summer vaycay for the kids. I don't understand. On school days, i am literally yanking my kids out of bed. Weekends and non school days they are up at the crack of dawn. God doesnt want me to sleep. It's okay. Thats why coffee was invented i suppose. =]

Saturday we are going to a BBQ next door for some swimming, drinking, food and fun! We have the best neighbors! Then after that, I have to come home pack the kids for a slumber party at Nana's and me and the hub are off to Tucson for my best friends going away party.
She's moving to someplace cold and I am very sad about it. I feel like I'm going to be totally alone. Even though she is already an hr away, we were still close as if she was 20 minutes away. Now with the distance even greater who knows. She keeps telling me that nothing is going to change. I hope she's right. But you know what they say,
"Out of sight, Out of mind"

We will come home on Sunday and just all relax.
So now that I have read this back it doesn't seem like that much.
To me it is because usually i don't do anything or go anyplace. Ha!
I hope everybody is having a beautiful Thursday.

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