Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wee Bit Wednesday

{one} when was the last time you used a pay phone (if ever)?
Hmmmm.... It's been QUIT a while! I would have to say, when I was a senior in high school so 8 years ago! EEK! Has it really been 8 years since I graduated! Sheesh, I'm gettin old!

{two} did you ever fail a subject in school?
All the time... If I could go back, I would apply myself better!

{three} where do you go to get your favorite hamburger/cheeseburger?
My husband! ♥ HE is the BEST burger maker EVER! It's his favorite food so he has perfected it. The best one is his green chili burger! YUM-O!

{four} have you ever served jury duty?
No! And I don't really want to...

how old were you when you moved out of your parents’ house?
I was 18 and pregnant! I moved out the day after graduation and into my sisters place! It was fun while it lasted. I do adore that sister of mine. ♥

what is your favorite color to wear?
I have 2 that I love! I love Love LOVE WHITE! It's clean and classic. And lately, I have really been into grey.

do you have a pair of shoes that you wear all the time?
I am a flip flop girl through and through. All year round.

do you enjoy talk radio?
Not so much.... However! I love a show that comes on Thursday mornings called, 'War Of The Roses' With John J & Rich. 93.7 KRQ! It's the BEST! So scandalous! Love it!

{nine} if you could turn one unhealthy food into a healthy one, what food would it be?
Awww... I have to pick just 1!? I can't answer this. Too much pressure!

{ten} who is the best speaker you’ve ever heard in person?
I don't know what this question means....

~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~

I hope all of you are having an amazing Wednesday!!
I have been sick since Friday and am just now feeling better today!
I hope all of you are happy, healthy, and oh so blessed!

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