Tuesday, June 14, 2011

late night venting

It makes me sad.
I hate that I am getting to be super sensitive as I get older.
Why should I care that people delete me on FB?
Or not accept a friend request I send.
Normally I don't.
But sometimes, It cuts deep.
Lets face it.
FB is the way people keep in touch.
If your a friend of theres on FB you value that person to some extent.
But to not even put through when we've been friends since forever.
Even if we don't talk everyday.
Or to be accepted then a few days, weeks, later to be deleted?
That hurts.
Whats the point?
Too look at my page?
To be nosey?
My page isn't private.
Some things are.
But mostly, No.

All done FB venting.

Now onto other things....

I feel like I dont have anybody.
Thats the worst feeling ever.
Yes I have my husband.
But I wish I had a close girl friend.
Someone who lived in town.
Someone I did things with.
Related to.
Shared common interests with.
Every time I try to find a new friend the 'chemestry' isn't right....

Maybe I'm just destined to be alone.
Alone with my husband and kids I mean.
Oh well. Time to go cry myself to sleep.
Whats new though.
Good Night.

1 comment:

~amanda~ said...

I hate FB rejection! I'm always afraid to request people cuz I don't wanna be rejected.

I'm sorry you're feeling lonely... =(